drape logoDrapetomedia is an independent book publisher and multimedia production company started by writer and filmmaker David F. Walker. Drapetomedia is dedicated to creating and releasing works that are overlooked or marginalized by larger entertainment corporations.  The name Drapetomedia is derived from the term “drapetomania.” Drapetomania is a mental condition that was first diagnosed in 1851 by Samuel A. Cartwright, which was used as a diagnosis for why slaves in America would try to escape. Cartwright’s assertion was that any slave who tried to escape was insane, and had drapetomania. Drapetomedia was started to escape from the corporate plantation model of contemporary entertainment, that marginalizes and oppresses creators outside the more popular ideological constructs.

David F. Walker’s author page on Amazon.

David F. Walker’s profile page on IMDB.

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